Instruction to Applicants
Qualification and Evaluation
  • Prequalification criteria
    The evaluation of the applicants will be based on financial and technical capabilities of the applicant. Applicants will have to qualify on the financial and technical criteria to be considered for Empanelment. After the evaluation of all the SoQs, applicant will be short listed by GIDB. The evaluation will be carried out broadly under three heads namely:
    a). Firms Financial Performance.

    b). Firms past experience in the sector applied for.

    c). Quality Manpower with the firm.
  • Basis for disqualification

    • Applicant will be disqualified and its SoQ will be dropped from further consideration for any of the reasons listed below:

      • Receipt of the SoQ after the response deadline.

      • Failure to submit the required support documentation.

      • In the event of any discrepancy in the information provided in the supporting documents and that submitted in the web based process.

      • Determination during the evaluation, or at any other time, that the applicant will be unable to fulfill the requirements of the Project.

      • Wilful misrepresentation in the SoQ or in any information provided to the GIDB;

    • Additionally the submissions may lead to disqualification under, inter-alia, any of the following circumstances:

      • Prior suspension by the GIDB, Government of Gujarat or any other agency, whether in a capacity as a consulting firm or individual consultant.
      • A record of unsatisfactory past performance, particularly non-compliance with contract terms, plans and specifications or abandonment of work and similar deficiencies.
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