Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
1. Who is eligible to apply to the empanelment process?
Ans: The applicant applying for the empanelment may be a company / a corporate body incorporated under Companies Act.
2. What types of projects are eligible for applying to the empanelment process?
Ans: Consultants having experience in the sectors mentioned in the heading Types of Projects/Sectors are eligible.
3. Does applying to the empanelment process guarantee empanelment with GIDB?
Ans: Applying to the empanelment process does not commit any kind of empanelment or guarantee for receiving any projects.
4. Does getting empanelled with GIDB guarantee awarding of projects?
Ans: No getting empanelled does not mean projects are awarded. For getting projects consultants have to go through a transparent bidding process.
5. Which email Id should I use when applying for registration?
Ans:please enter company's official email id.
6. Can I apply for multiple sectors during registration?
Ans: Yes consultants can apply for more than one sector. Consultants have to pay the empanelment process fee as mentioned on our website for the sectors applied.
7. Can I add Additional sectors that I have missed at the time of registration?
Ans: Yes you can add additional sector, you can log in using the user id and password. After logging in by clicking on “Addition sector”, you can tick on the sectors you want to register for and click submit.
8. Can I make multiple user id and password for different sectors?
Ans: Yes, you can create different user names and passwords for the different sectors that you are filling the form for. You can keep the admin or any other (self generated user id and password) for the various sectors. Sector management module has been prepared for the convenience for the consultants. The consultant can use this module to allot different sectors to different departments
9. Can I edit the information filled in the forms?
Ans: Yes, the information can be edited after logging in and going to the general information tab here you can edit the information.
10. Can I edit the information filled in the forms after final submission of the forms to GIDB?
Ans: No after doing the final submission of the forms the consultant cannot make any changes in the information submitted. After final submission of the forms the consultant cannot access this account. To avoid any mistakes the consultant is requested to thoroughly check the information filled.
11. In how much time will the session expire for the form page?
Ans:It is 20 Minutes according to MSDN.
12. In what format have the documents to be uploaded?
Ans: Documents have to be uploaded in PDF format.
13. What is the maximum file size of the documents that can be uploaded?
Ans:It has no limit.
14. What all information is required to be filled by consultants while applying for empanelment process?
Ans: consultants have to fill in the following information:
1. General Information.
• Company details, contact information of the representative of the company to GIDB.
2. Financial Information.
• Net Worth, Annual Turnover and Debt-equity Ratio.
3.Project Information.
• Details of projects completed and ongoing by the applying firm.
4. Manpower Information.
• Details of the proposed expert manpower with the firm.
15. What all supporting documents are to be submitted while applying for empanelment process?
Ans: The consultant is required to submit the following documents online:
1. Audited Balance sheet and audited profit and loss statement for the last three years
2. CV’s of the proposed expertise personnel
3. work order certificates for the projects
4. Completion certificates for projects completed.
The consultant is required to submit the following documents physically to GIDB office:
1. PDF file of General and Financial Information, Project Information and manpower Information.
2. Power of Attorney 3. form in case of change/ revision in company name
16. In case of Demand Draft submission payable at Gandhinagar, my Bank does not have a branch in Gandhinagar. How can I submit the Demand Draft?
Ans: In case the Bank does not have a branch in Gandhinagar, the Demand Draft can be payable at Ahmedabad Branch.
17. Whether it is mandatory for the Consulting Firm applying under Legal Advisory Services to be registered firm under Companies Act?
Ans: Only in case of Legal Advisory Services Sector, the Consulting Firm applying may not be registered under Companies Act. But the Consulting Firm should have sufficient experience in projects and studies as mentioned in the Empanelment – “Instruction to Applicants” section.
18.Shall I receive a receipt for the Demand Draft(s) submitted to GIDB's office ?
Ans: After GIDB approves the Demand Draft(s), an e-mail will be sent to the consulting firm's registered e-mail id, acknowledging the receipt of the Demand Draft(s). This mail contains Demand Draft details, the username (provided by the consulting firm during registration) and the password for submitting the detail Statement of Qualifications (SoQs) online.
19. In case the Consulting firm after submitting the application along with Demand Draft(s) to GIDB and after GIDB has given access to the sectoral forms for submission of application, found that the firm does not have sufficient information/ sufficient experience/ not competent enough for applying in the sector(s) selected by itself. Does the consulting firm will get back the Demand Draft(s) submitted for the incompetent sector(s) ?
Ans: It is the responsibility of the consulting firm re-check its credentials before applying for any sector. The Consulting firm has to go through the eligibility criteria, conditions for applying for the Empanelment process and the user manual available on the Empanelment web page of GIDB. Once the access has been given to the consulting firm for the sectoral forms, the demand draft(s) approved is non-refundable.
20. Whether the Demand Draft(s) submitted by one consulting firm is transferable to another consulting firm ?
Ans: Since the consulting firms are separate entities, the Demand Draft(s) submitted by one consulting firm/ entity is not transferable to another consulting firm/ entity.
21. What if more than one subsidiary of one Group Company working in the same sector is interested for applying in the same sector ?
Ans: It shall be considered as Conflict of Interests. In such case, only one company can apply for the same sector.
22. In which language should the documents be uploaded when applying for the empanelment process?
Ans: All documents to be uploaded when applying for the empanelment process must be in English language.
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