About Empanelment
Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board (GIDB) has been carrying out the process of empanelment of consultant across Infrastructure sectors for carrying out Techno-Economic feasibility studies and other project development activities for various infrastructure projects. For the role envisaged for GIDB to carry out feasibility studies and other project development activities for various projects across Infrastructure sectors, it hires the services of consultants, which are selected through the process of public tendering. This is a two-stage process, which includes:
  • Stage-I: RFQ (Request for Qualification) - Short listing of consultants through invitation of Statement of Qualification/ Applications (“SoQ”).

  • Stage-II: RFP (Request for Proposal) - Invitation of proposals for the study from the short listed consultants.
  • This process is time consuming and typically takes up to 5-6 months just for the selection of consultant, prior to the commencement of the actual study. To reduce the time taken in project development, it was decided to empanel consultants across Infrastructure sectors. This would enable GIDB to do away with the need for the Stage-I of the tendering process. Hence, consultants empanelled in a particular sector will be asked to directly submit their proposal for providing consultancy service for a particular project, thereby reducing the time spent in selecting a consultant for the conduct of the feasibility study for that project.

    The list is circulated to all concerned government departments/ agencies. This is being effectively utilized by them year on year for carrying out studies in various areas across different infrastructure sectors. The empanelled list has also helped departments in reducing the time taken for the consultant pre-qualification process. GIDB also assists various departments in selecting consultants for consultancy services as well as in drafting tender documents and concession agreements across the Infrastructure sectors as per the requirement of the departments.

    Earlier, GIDB had carried out the process of empanelment of consultant across Infrastructure sectors in the year 2002, 2004 and 2007 and 2010. The previous list of empanelled consultants was finalized in 2011 which shall remain valid till the next empanelment process is finalized. Subsequently the list was circulated to all the concerned departments / agencies and is being utilized by them for carrying out studies in various areas of Infrastructure. Empanelment has proven beneficial for GIDB as well as empanelled consultants. The empanelment process is taking place in 2013 and the database shall be required to be updated yearly.

    The web based system for empanelment of consultants was developed in 2004 and later the system was updated as and when required. GIDB is also in the process of making the empanelment process more consultant friendly and environment friendly.

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