Instruction to Applicants
Eligibility Criteria
1) The applicant applying under consulting firm shall be a company / a corporate body incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 or the Companies Act, 2013 or a limited liability partnership (LLP) incorporated under the Limited Liability Partnership Act. 2008, having experience in the sectors mentioned in Types of Projects / Studies
2) The applicant shall be a single entity applying for empanelment process.
3) The applicant may be a private entity or government-owned entity.
4) The Parent Company and the subsidiary Company cannot apply for the same sector, in such cases only one company having relevant experience must apply for the desired sector.
5) Similarly, a company/ corporate body or a LLP cannot apply for the same sector for which another LLP, in which such company/ corporate body or LLP has a majority interest, is also applying.

Explanation: 1) For the purpose of condition 5 above, a company/ corporate body or a LLP shall be deemed to have a majority interest in another LLP, if such Company/ corporate body or LLP, whether directly or indirectly,

    (i) has the right to appoint and/ or remove majority of the Designated Partners: or

   (ii) exercises more than one-half of the total voting power of the LLP either by virtue of its contribution or rights under the limited liability partnership agreement, whether at its own or together with one or more of its subsidiary companies/ LLPs in which such company/ corporate body or LLP has majority interest

6) The applicant shall submit one application per sector for empanelment process.
7) Applicants should not have a conflict of interest that affects the empanelment process. Any Applicant found to have a Conflict of Interest shall be disqualified.
8) Any entity which has been barred by the [Central/ State Government, or any entity controlled by it,] from participating in any project, and the bar subsists as on the date of SoQ, would not be eligible to submit a SoQ.
9) An Applicant, in the last 3 years, have neither failed to perform on any contract, as evidenced by imposition of a penalty by an arbitral or judicial authority or a judicial pronouncement or arbitration award against the Applicant, as the case may be, nor has been expelled from any project or contract by any public entity nor have had any contract terminated by any public entity for breach by such Applicant.
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